Carpet Cleaning

Remember the last carpet cleaner you had in your home...

  • Did they care enough about your valuable time to arrive promptly at the scheduled time?
  • Did the quoted price change after the technician arrived?
  • Were you constantly pressured to buy more services?
  • Did they take the necessary time and care to thoroughly clean your carpet?
  • Did your carpets take longer than 12 hours to dry?
  • Were you truly satisfied with the results?
  • Do you know if the cleaning products used were safe?

I pose these questions so that you can better understand the difference between Green Earth Carpet Cleaning, and other companies.

Watch a quick preview of what our service looks like in your home:

We're different. We're Green.

It seems that most carpet cleaners are still caught in the same old habits...

  • Harsh chemicals that are dangerous to you, your family, pets and the environment...
  • Soapy residues causing rapid re-soiling and premature fiber damage...
  • Out-dated equipment that does not have the power to green clean...

At Green Earth Carpet Cleaning, we take the job of cleaning your carpet very serious. From the CRI approved, green label products that we use in your home, to using the most powerful truck-mounted cleaning systems we know of, we make sure that every customer receives the absolute best clean possible.

Most carpet cleaners have one cleaning method that they swear by, and believe to be superior to everything else. Don't be fooled by these one-trick-pony operations - no one system works best in every situation! That's why Green Earth Carpet Cleaning uses virtually every type of cleaning system available, depending on the job.

Deep Clean - Quick Dry!

You can have fresh clean, ready to walk on carpet in just hours. Our deep cleaning process flushes more embedded soil out of your carpet, while our powerful cleaning unit extracts the water, soil and residues. The best clean you've ever seen, and your carpets are dry in 2 - 6 hours instead of 12 - 24 hours.

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