How to Get Prepared

Before and After Care

Thank you for allowing us to clean your wall-to-wall carpeting. We have used the finest equipment and materials available to ensure the best work possible.

You can help by noting the following:

Before Cleaning:

  1. If you are able, please vacuum carpet the day before your appointment.
  2. Make sure all breakable items are removed from tables, dressers, china cabinets, etc.
  3. Move as many items as possible off carpets.

During Cleaning:

  1. Spots and Stains: Not all stains can be removed completely, even with the aid of professional spotting agents. Due to dye characteristics, pH effects, oxidation and other reactions, some spots may not be completely removed.
  2. Air or Soil Filtration: (Dark lines that often appear around wall edges and under doorways): It is difficult to predict how filtration lines will respond to cleaning because they are a combination of excess soil and discoloration due to various gasses passing over the carpet. The soil will be removed; however, the remaining discoloration may still be quite noticeable.
  3. Traffic Areas: Many heavily used areas often show some degree of minor discoloration after cleaning. This will vary depending on the amount of use, type and color of carpet and general wear.
  4. Safety: It is best to stay off damp carpet, however if you on the carpet, use extreme caution when walking from damp carpet onto another flooring surface, as there is risk of a slip-and-fall accident.

After Cleaning:

  1. It is best to stay off damp carpet as much as possible.
  2. Do not place items on damp carpet that may transfer dye; e.g. clothing, magazines, furniture (wooden or metal), etc.
  3. If you walk directly on the damp carpet, it is best not to wear shoes (unless you have booties over your shoes). Shoe dye under some circumstances can transfer to the carpet.
  4. Drying time: 2 to 24 hours depending on the fibre and degree of soiling. If the carpet was treated with a protector, allow 24 hours for curing.
  5. Plastic squares and blocks found under your furniture should be left in place for 48 to 72 hours until the carpet is totally dry.
  6. Ventilation: Increased air circulation will aid your carpet in drying. Windows should be opened at least a crack, and ceiling fans left on to circulate air.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call. We sincerely appreciate your business.