Money Back Guarantee

It seems as though every carpet cleaning company "guarantees" their work. What we have found in looking into these guarantees, is that essentially it reads, "We'll keep coming back to fix the problem until you stop calling." Most people won't bother to call more than once or twice even if a spot or stain keeps coming back.

Our guarantee is a little different. We focus on your overall happiness with the cleaning job that you have received from us. If a spot should come back, we'll gladly return and figure out a way to make it go away, permanently. Some spots require a number of different techniques - and we'll let you know what we are going to do and what to expect.

Now, here's the big difference: If after returning to your home to re-clean an area or spot, we cannot make you happy, we will give you your money back! We have had other cleaners tell us that there is no way we can offer that type of guarantee - but we do and have been for many years now.

Our Guarantee Statement:

If for any reason, you are not happy with our work, we will redo it. Still not happy? We will give you your money back!

No Fancy Wording... No Loopholes... No Fine Print... No Gimmicks. Very rarely is our guarantee invoked, because you don't offer this type of guarantee without also offering the best possible carpet cleaning service around - but our customers rest easy knowing that we stand behind our work on every job.